Welcome to the 30th Annual Carolinas Conference! 
October 11th - October 13th, 2019


Effective Responses to Global Crises:

Multilateralism and Dialogue Among Civilizations for International Peace, Sustainable Societies, and Economic Development.

In a world of complex threats, our security and leadership depends on all elements of our power - including strong and principled diplomancy.
— Barack Obama (Former President of the United States)

Welcome to the the 30th annual session of Carolina's Conference hosted by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Carolinas Conference is a Model United Nations conference open to both high school and college delegates. Our goal is to provide both new and veteran delegates with the opportunity to further develop their negotiating, speaking, and resolution writing skills. UNC Charlotte's Model UN team aspires to create a welcoming atmosphere in its conferences that encourages delegates to think critically, and cooperate with one another to resolve pressing international issues. Of course, understanding, diplomacy, and tactfulness are in the spirit of Carolinas Conference. We hope all delegates will join us the October 11th through the 13th to enjoy an amazing, and stimulating weekend.

This Year's Theme:

On November 2018, the UN Secretary-General, António Guterres cited many tangible achievements that were a result of international multilateralism, however, he stated with deep regret that as conflicts multiply, nuclear threats expand, global warming rises, and forced migration increases, uncertainty and unpredictability causes anxiety, and a decline in trust across the world. Today, global dialogue is under immense stress, and as Mr. Guterres stated “it often seems that the more global the threat, the less able we are to cooperate”.

To address this issue, the 2019 Carolinas conference's revolves around reforming and strengthening multilateralism systems, with a theme of  "Effective Responses to Global Crises : Multilateralism and Dialogue Among Civilizations for International Peace, Sustainable Societies, and Economic Development”, we aspire to focus on how to solve pressing issues for the international community through forming cooperation with regional and international organizations to ensure the inclusivity of dialogue. 

The committees for this year's Carolinas Conference will be the General Assembly 1st, Security Council, Arab League, Commission on the Status of Women, World Health Organization, and World Trade Organization.

When is Carolinas Conference?

Carolinas Conference will be held from Friday October 11th - Sunday October 13th. 

Where is Carolinas Conference hosted?

Carolinas Conference is hosted by UNC Charlotte at our campus in Charlotte, North Carolina. To learn more about our campus, you can view the campus map here

Who can attend?

Carolinas Conference is open to all interested high school and college delegates. We do not have maximum or minimum sizes required for teams. We encourage you to attend even if you are a single delegate. 

Who runs Carolinas Conference?

Carolinas Conference is planned and run by experienced members and alumni of UNC Charlotte's Model UN team.

Questions about Carolinas Conference? Please feel free to ask us though the form below or by sending an email to our organization at unccmunpresident@gmail.com.